TBC Racing Team - Spring 2018


Welcome to TBC Racing's 2018 Spring Pre-Registration Page!


The TBC Racing spring team is designed for athletes - male and female - in grades 9-12 who want to row but don't have a team at their school. There is no prior experience required to join the TBC Racing spring team - we will start from the beginning!

Program Details:

Practice Dates, Times and Location:

Practices will be held at the Thompson Boat Center (2900 Virginia Ave NW, Washington DC 20037), starting on March 1, 2018. We don't currently have a training space for winter workouts, though that may change.

Practices will be in the afternoon - the schedule is a little flexible at the moment, as we plan to base the practice schedule around the school schedules of the athletes involved. The most likely schedule at the moment is 4-6 PM, Monday-Friday, with AM practices on Saturdays. 


The spring season will be priced at a slight discount from the Summer and Fall seasons, as it is a new endeavor for us. The spring season training cost will be $850/person.  Home races and scrimmages are included in this cost; any regattas involving travel will be charged separately.

Racing: In addition to participating in scrimmages and dual meets with the local scholastic teams, we intend to participate in two larger events:

April 21-22 Mercer Sprints, held in Mercer Lake, NJ (Near Princeton).

May 11- 12 USRowing Mid-Atlantic Regionals: Location TBA, but it will be in the Philadelphia or New Jersey area. 

How to register: At this moment, you can fill out the basic information on the next page to join our mailing list. We will hold an information session in early November, and then open up the registration to all interested athletes. We are using this pre-registration to judge the basic number of interested athletes, so please do sign up if you think this might be for you - there is no obligation!

If you have questions, please drop me an email at coach.elliott.lane@gmail.com

Thanks, Elliott Lane





Please direct questions to:

Elliott Lane